We're excited to announce our latest website launch -  The Law Offices of Nancy K. Busch. Nancy Busch is an elder law attorney based in Allentown, PA.  

When we started this project, I was not aware that such a law specialty existed. I have learned a lot since then. With a growing number of baby boomers going into retirement, it is easy to see how important a service it is that Nancy Busch provides.

Our task was to create a website that reflects the professionalism and care that Nancy Busch brings to her clients. Through close collaboration with her and her staff, we created a website that is structured to make it easy for visitors to find information. The blue theme adopts the color palette from the stationery and marketing materials that she uses. This provides continuity with a branding strategy that is already in place.

The website can be fully managed by Nancy Busch and her staff, without developer assistance, using the content management system that is part of this website. Authorized users can edit existing pages and add new pages easily and securely from virtually anywhere.

Besides the general content, the site also offers valuable information for free in ebook format. There is an email marketing strategy in place that is set in motion with the offer of the free ebook. The download link for the ebook is sent only to visitors who provide their name and a valid email address. Visitors who download the ebook are then added to a mailing list with their permission. More valuable information can then be delivered to visitors who are interested, in regular newsletters. Those who are not, can easily unsubscribe.

We look forward to working with Nancy Busch to add new features to the site as well as driving more traffic to the site through internet marketing.

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