Social Media - It's just too much work!

My clients understand that good content that is relevant to what their audience is searching for, will drive traffic to their websites. But really, who's got the time to create content?

Well, here's how you can create effective content to share on the net very quickly, without a lot of technical expertise.

First of all, dispense with the notion that your content has to look perfect to be interesting to your audience. Consider that all the major corporations get their fancy media agencies to create smart content for the web all the time. Yet, it's homemade FAIL videos and pictures of cute kitten that get all the views.

Here is my advice. Keep your content simple. If you have something interesting to say or show, it is easy to create content based on that. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to creating and distributing great content.

Step 1: Start with a web camera(webcam). If don't already have one, get one. They are not expensive. Most laptops nowadays come with one already built in. Most webcams come with easy to use programs that you can use to create simple videos. If not, you can download a free program start talking about something that you think would be of interest to your audience. It could be tips, how-to videos, book or product reviews, etc. Keep it short. 5 Minutes is a reasonable length for a video made for the web.

Step 2: Now that you have a video, how about using the audio part of it as a podcast. Some of your audience may want to listen to it in the car or while out jogging.

Step 3: Now transcribe the content. Add a picture or two. Maybe even add some additional information that was not in the original video. Now you have yourself a blog post.

Step 4: Once you have your blog post up, share it on Facebook, Google+ and other social media sites that you frequent.

Step 5: Tweet the title of the blog post and include a link to it.

If its interesting or valuable (hopefully both) to your audience, it is very likely that will look past the lack of polish. It may even seem to them as more sincere.

Make your Website Your Number One Marketing Tool

Your website can be your greatest marketing asset. But how well does it work for you now?

  • Selling online? If you sell products online, is your website selling as much as you hoped it would?

  • Seeking leads? If you're looking for leads, are you impressed by the number of leads the site generates?

  • Seeking donations? If you're a non-profit looking for donations, how well does your website promote your cause?

Internet has become a powerful tool of communication. Since marketing is all about communication, the sheer number of communication tools(email, blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter) available online make it ideal for marketing. But where do you start?

Set your Goal: You can start by establishing your goal. As simple as that sounds, most web marketing efforts out there don't start with a goal in mind and end up being cookie-cutter websites that are so easy to ignore. Are you selling online? Are you looking for sales leads? Are you seeking donations? Once you know what you want your website to do for you, its easier to develop a website that is completely focused on promoting that goal.

Consider Your Call to Action: You work hard to generate traffic. Visitors have started pouring in. Now what? What would you like them to do? If you're selling online, is it easy to get started right from the home page? Are there promotions to entice them? If you're seeking donations, is there a Donate button that is hard to miss? Perhaps you want to nurture them as leads. Email marketing a good tool for this. But are you making it easy for your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.

Make it Easy: Everything on your site should make it easy for your visitors to take the action that you want them to take. Remove distractions. Fancy animations may make your site look cool but it distracts your visitors from what you want them to do.

Internet marketing can give you more bang for the buck than any other form of marketing. Your website can be the anchor for all your internet marketing efforts, including email marketing, social media marketing, etc. All of this may seem overwhelming but it does not have to be. Ease into it. Getting your website set up and working correctly is a good place to start. 


Amskape has been creating software for over 10 years now, from simple websites to complex, enterprise level applications. We have always been thankful for the amount and variety of work we've had. However, we also wished we had more time to step back and look at ourselves as a company, to see how we can work more efficiently, communicate more clearly and perhaps market our services more effectively.

We knew what we needed to do, if only we had the time. We spent all our time on our clients' projects and very little to work on our own business. We are not alone. Many small businesses are struggling to find the balance between delivering projects on time and finding time to work on their own business processes.

At Amskape, we decided that the solution is to become our own client. In other words, its a matter of scheduling our own work as we would our clients'.

Our own projects now have deadlines and the same quality controls we apply to our clients' projects. This, of course, means that we have to take on one less client project than we can normally handle at a time. But what we accomplish, I think, will help us serve our clients better. 

And what do we want to do with this new found empowerment? There are so many wonderful projects in the “if only we had the time” backlog. But I want to make sure we don't get ahead of ourselves and take on more than we can handle. So here is what we have set our sights on for the next few months.

  1. Start a blog on our site. This being the first post, we're well on our way, with some tweaking still left to complete.

  2. Redevelop our website. I will go into details in future posts.

  3. Engage our clients and potential clients in conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

So there it is. No hairy, audacious resolutions. Just a few tasks to check off the list as we usher in the new year.


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