What is a web-based application? Well, consider online banking. You can use an ordinary web browser and login to your bank account and perform many banking tasks right from your computer. Imagine being able to do the same for your clients or allowing your team members in the field to connect to you securely to submit data and fetch the information they need to complete their tasks. We can create web based applications for you to do just that. 

The key benefits of
web-based applications are:

  • Users can access web applications using an ordinary web browser like Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  • They are very secure making them ideal for use in banking, healthcare and other areas where information security is critical.
  • New features can be delivered to users very quickly. There is no upgrade to install on the user's computer. 
  • Cost of deployment and maintenance is substantially lower than comparable desktop applications.
  • Geographically dispersed teams can share information securely. 

From simple data collection forms to very complex, secure banking applications are now being implemented as web applications. Even popular desktop applications like Microsoft's Word and Excel have now implemented web-based versions. 

Let us show you how you can leverage the power of web applications for your organization.

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